thread: Storing baby 'stuff' between babies...

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    Jul 2008

    Storing baby 'stuff' between babies...

    Do you keep everything? We are planning to have a bigger age gap between 2 and 3 (3ish years) and I'm just trying to figure out what to keep and how. I'm keeping most of our mcn's, getting rid of most clothes (except a few favs ) but what about things like light blankets (for wrapping etc) we have got quite a few and they are still in great quality.

    I was thinking maybe one of those vacuum bags??

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    Oct 2009
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    Vacuum bags are the BOMB. We're about to start putting most of our clothes in them for our move, and already have all the clothes DD's grown out of stacked up on top of the wardrobe

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    Jul 2009
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    Vac bags are great, i really need to get some good quality ones.
    You could buy the big plastic tubs and store things in those is you have the space.

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    Jul 2008

    Vac bags are great, i really need to get some good quality ones.
    You could buy the big plastic tubs and store things in those is you have the space.
    I was thinking about the tubs too, but what do you think about mould etc?? I think maybe the vac bags would be safer....

    Are they expensive Tenibear?

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    Jul 2008
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    I have a shed full of kids stuff. I use vac bags, but its impossible to sort through the items once the bag is sealed (without needing resealing), so make sure you label well. The medium size ones from kmart are the best I think, because they stack inside a plastic tub and will store then in the shed or attic. Masking tape and black marker pen makes great labels

    ETA I got the vac bags because I was worried about mould. The seal on the plastic tubs aren't great (especially when they're jam packed!)

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    Mar 2008
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    I vac packed with a handwritten note inside with size and season as I kept most stuff from ds1 - only got rid of the bodysuits as I didn't like them with ds1 for changing nappies.
    I was intending to re-use clothes for #2 whether they were boy or girl. although I seem to have gotten rid of all the pants I had for the early sizes oops.

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    Nov 2008

    Try and keep as much as you have space for! We only had a 17 month gap between our 1st two, and this next one is a 20 month gap from #2. Space bags are great and really do save soooo much space. I have a wardrobe in our spare room that was completely stocked full with huggies nappy boxes and once I put everything in to space bags it dropped by half!

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    Apr 2008

    Im not a fan of vacum bags but I think thats because I over fill them

    I use the big starmaid tubs and they fit in the built in robes stacked up as th girls dont need full length hanging yet. Between each child the clothes and linen have come out perfect

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    Feb 2008

    I remember hearing a tip from cleaning expert Shannon Lush warning about the vacuum storage bags. Something about the plastics used and the interactions with the clothes can make them go yellow. She recommended if you use them, put the clothes in an old pillowcase first so that you protect them.

    I just googled [shannon lush "vacuum storage bags"] and it came up with a google book review link for her book "household wisdom" which talked about this and advised to make sure clothes are properly washed before you store them as any tiny amount of bacteria on the clothes will thrive in the plastic bag and leave yellow stains.

    I think if you take these precautions, the vac bags are a great way to keep the clothes and gear you love and may want to use again. I have heaps of clothes in storage at the moment, waiting for a friend's baby to be born

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    We are seriously short of space and use vacuum bags mainly but I've got mcns and hand knitted stuff in plastic tubs. Other than that i taped two garbage bags over the bassinet and some blankets so it was dust and cat proof and stored it in the bottom of DS wardrobe.

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    Jul 2008

    Thanks for the replies, I think I will go with the vac bags but I will definitely put the clothes/blankets in pillowcases first! Now to decide what I want to keep and get rid of

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    Aug 2010
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    we vacuum sealed most stuff (and then I fell pregnant the next month!) but Im culling most things between 2 and 3, mainly because 1)a lot was hand me downs 2)DD was a reflux baby, so the stuff is already heavily used and 3)we might be stopping at 2 kids.
    I had clothes vacuum sealed in a sealed box (which was then wrapped in plastic) in storage for 5 years and they came out fine (just musty)

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    Nov 2008

    We've got heaps of storage room so I used several 80ltr (!) plastic tubs from Bunnings. It worked a treat!

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    I've always had heaps of problems with the seals on vac bags popping open with time even though I've bought good quality ones. Maybe I'm just over stuffing them?

    But I have heaps of camping clothes, knitting yarn etc. stashed in plastic tubs in our attic. I just pop a couple of camphor sachets in each box and try to check them every 6 months or so but I've never had any problems. I've had more mould and moth issues with things in wardrobes to be honest. I've also found the plastic carry bags some pillows come in are great as they're see through plastic but with fabric sides so they still breathe.