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    We had a look at some cots yesterday and we liked the Tuscany cot but TasmanEco. I hadn't heard of this brand before but it looks and feels very solid - doesn't rattle at all when pushed. It has a little button at each end to drop the side.

    Has anyone got one of these cots? Would you recommend it? Are there any advantages and disadvantages?

    Thanks heaps

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    Hi there,
    I am also considering the purchase of a Tasman Eco Tuscany cot. On looking at my local retailers I believe that they might be a reasonably new brand/product type... I have been looking for some comments too and can't seem to find anything either.
    The cot from what I have seen looks to be one of the most sturdy without having the huge price tag that some of the cots are attracting!!
    Good luck with the search

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    Hi Nicca,

    We just got one and it is great but we havent used it yet... The one thing I will say is that the wood seems a bit soft. I dropped another piece on it while we were putting it together and it dented easily. We just figured wait until the little one starts bashing it with her toys and we wont even notice that dent lol..

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    We have the tasman eco sienna and absolutely love it. While we haven't used it yet it took a fair beating when he put it together and still survived. The first thing I did was shake it to see how sturdy it is and it feels solid as a rock.

    Good luck

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