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Thread: Tummy Tub - anyone tried it?

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    Default Tummy Tub - anyone tried it?

    Hey all,
    my mother in law found Tummy Tub on the internet and is offering to buy it for us as a gift. The picture made me scoff when I first saw it but then I read the testimonials and thought it sounds like an interesting idea.
    It's basically a bath for baby but in a womb-shaped bucket.

    Just google "Tummy Tub" and select the SunRos website.

    Anyone tried it? It seems rather expensive for what it is, but if it's a gift, i'm thinking maybe I should give it a whirl? I've never bathed a newborn before so not sure how practical it is and how it might be better to the conventional baths.

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    It looks cool but I have to say I'm pretty sceptical!! Can't help with a review though, good luck!!

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    It sure looks interesting doesn't it! The first time DH and I saw it in the shops we were like what the?!!
    Now, for our bub number 2 we are thinking about getting one as I think it will give me a bit more freedom to bath bubby anywhere around the house while trying to keep an eye on a 19 month old!

    So I'd give it a go!

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    I'm going to get one for this bub! A friend has one for her 3rd she recenlty had and can't stop raving about it. I went over and watched her bathe her and it sold me!

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    Looks like a bucket to me.

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    I wanted to get this and I was explaining to my mum that it was supposed to feel womb-like for the baby and she said "yeah but they're out of the womb now, surely it's time to move on?" LOL and that put me off.

    In the end DS went into the big bath at only 4 weeks of age and he loved being able to stretch out. I just wonder how much use you would get out of it before it becomes yet another piece of outgrown baby gear.

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    i havent but it sure does look interesting....

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