thread: What type of formula should I buy?

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    Nov 2008

    What type of formula should I buy?

    I'm hoping to breast feed bubs when they arrive, but have read that it's a good idea to buy some formula just in case your milk is a little slow coming through or bubs is still hungry after a feed... But there are soooo many different types!

    Was hoping some of you lovely ladies could give me some advice on what to look for. I am keen to use organic products where ever possible, is there an organic formula?

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    Dec 2007

    If you are planning on BF, then I wouldn't buy formula. I would have some bottles, but not get the formula till you are sure you want/need to use it. If you really feel that you need some, there are some brands that sell sachets rather than tins, and I would be buying them so as not to spend money and have the tempatation there.. But there is organic formula, one I know of is Bellamy's and it can be bought in coles and Woolies..

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    Mar 2007

    I agree with Heather. Having it in the cupboard is far too tempting, and the only way to increase supply is to feed more often. I would be more inclined to buy a sling and have bubs constantly attached than buy a tin of formula 'just in case' because the temptation when you are new to it is so great.

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    Jul 2007

    Yeah, I'm with the others.
    When the bub first comes you may find yourself feeding every couple of hours, but that doesn't mean you're not producing enough milk.
    But if you weren't prepared for that you might think it meant you weren't making enough milk

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    Mar 2009

    Those initial two weeks, I was ready to give up breastfeeding almost every feed and the only thing that stopped me was that there was nothing else in the house I could give her! I agree, it can be good not to have the temptation there because it is a tough job at first -- especially those frequent night feeds.

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    Feb 2008
    Country Victoria

    i agree! dont buy formula.. i think its what ruined my BFing in the end which only lasted 6 weeks. It was just easier when she was screaming and i was so tired.

    But the answer to you question is yes, they do an organic Formula. "Bellamys" do one but if only seen 6 month + ones, so u might have to google it. Try and stick with "whey dominant" formula's as they are easier to digest.

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    Feb 2008
    Country Victoria

    they do a from birth one.. i found this info...

    The Organic Choice

    Bellamy’s Organic endorses the belief that certified organic ingredients are more beneficial during the first few months of life than at any other time.

    Babies are growing and developing rapidly and their bodies are more vulnerable to any harmful substances that may be in their food. We choose certified organic ingredients as they offer purity and wholesome nutrition as they are grown without any chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones.

    Bellamy’s Organic Formula is a wholesome foundation made with certified organic milk, oils, carbohydrates and proteins, together with all the essential vitamins, minerals and iron needed for a healthy growing baby.

    Easy to digest, our formulas met all the strict Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requirements for infant nutrition with the added benefits of being certified organic.

    The Organic Steps

    Step 1 – Bellamy’s Organic infant formula Step 1 is whey dominant and nutritionally balanced to provide the nourishment needed for your baby from birth. Our Step 1 formula is suitable for your baby until 12 months of age. There is no need to change your formula choice to a Step - 2 or follow on formula at 6 months unless you or your health professional feels that your baby may benefit from the protein base which takes longer to digest.

    Step 2 – Bellamy’s Organic Step 2 is casein dominant and nutritionally balanced for babies from 6 to 12 months. Our Step 2 formula is particularly suitable for hungry babies who may benefit from a protein base which takes longer to digest.

    Step 3 – Bellamy’s Organic Toddler Milk is suitable for all toddlers from 12 months to 3 years of age. It is designed as a compliment to your active Toddler’s daily varied diet.

    Your Organic Choice

    When choosing a formula from birth we recommend the use of our Step 1 Infant Formula until your baby is 12 months of age.

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    May 2007
    Warrnambool Vic

    Babies are generally born hardwired to breastfeed. They are perfectly adapted to their situation. Colostrum, the first milk is all they need. While it comes in small quantities (perfect, because baby's stomach can only accomodate 5-7mls in the first days) it provides them with all they need. Stores of brown fat laid down in the baby's body meet any shortfall. Formula is simply unnecessary and filling your baby with formula can make breastfeeding more difficult.
    A great investment is a subscription to the Australian Breastfeeding Association which includes their great book - "Breastfeeding....naturally" and for an extra $20 take one of their great Breastfeeding Education Classes.
    for more information, go to Australian Breastfeeding Association

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    Jun 2005

    I was really naive when i was pg with my first. I didnt buy 1 bottle, or a sterilizer, or formula, coz i simply thought you had a choice with feeding baby - breast or bottle - and i opted for breast. LIttle did i know you could encounter massive probs with b/f which may result in you being unable to feed your baby. But nonetheless, i had no bottle feeding equipment in my house when DD#1 was born. Breastfeeding was a success, as was the the feeding of my other 2 daughters. I truly believe it was because i was going to breastfeed (or at least attempt it till i could do it no longer) that has contributed to my success.
    So no, dont buy anything. Should you get into any 'trouble' chemists, supermarkets are always open........

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    Jul 2006

    mbear, it's a shame thta you had so much difficulty. But with the right information and support nearly every bfing problem can be overcome.

    The others have given great advice. Buying formula or bottles ahead of time is setting yourself up for failure. As Barb suggested, an ABA subscription is a far better investment. I was given mine as a gift when DS1 was born and it was by far the most useful gift I have ever received. Before DS was born I'd never have realised how much I would need the ABA. I had a baby who was unable to attach at first, but we managed to exclusively bf anyway.

    Good on you for preparing early. I hope this has been helpful for you.

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    Feb 2007

    I thoughtMBear said she hadno problems???
    my advice would be notto have any in advance,if you need it you willbe able to get it.
    but if you do want organic there is bellamys andalso holle (and prob someothers)which you can get at Macro (I see youare in Melbourne). seriously though bfeeding is so likely to work for youand bubs (esp if you do someclasses etc as others have suggested) andthe expense of having allthe paraphenalia around for formulaJIC is so not worth it for the teeny chance you will have probs.

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    Mar 2004

    Please don't buy formula. When I got home from hospital with number 2 I found that MIL had left a tine of formula in my house. It was really hard establishing BF with a tongue tied baby and the formula was so tempting sometimes. If it had not been for DH's support I think that that can would have undermined our BF relationship. I was so happy when I threw it out without ever using it. Usually I don't like to waste food but TBH it didn't feel like I was wasting food - just chucking out garbage.

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    Nov 2008

    TBH I hadn't even considered that having it there might be a temptation to give up in a moment of weakness when it is all seeming impossible... but your advice makes a lot of sense. I think I'd read somewhere that it was a good idea to have some just incase, but like a couple of you said if it comes that DH can always run out to the chemist.

    I'm planning on getting an ABA membership, but was going to wait until I'm a little bit closer to my due date so I can take advantage of it for the full year.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your words of wisdom

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    Jun 2005


    I thoughtMBear said she hadno problems???
    .....i didnt, just for the record