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Thread: Where to buy Feeding Necklace?

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    Default Where to buy Feeding Necklace?

    Hi everyone

    I am after a nursing/feeding necklace, not specifically for feeding but just because I want some sturdy kid friendly jewellery as I am sick of my good stuff being wrecked by the little darlings!

    I have done some web surfing and have found a heap of nursing necklaces out there, mainly in Aus, US and UK. They all sound just slightly different and so it's hard to work out the best one!

    Has anyone bought anything like this and have some opinions or recommendations for me???

    I'd rather buy in Australia if I can....


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    Alana, have a look on ozebaby. I think you might find some on there

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    I've never used one but was reading latest ABA brochure and they sell them in there. I guess it would be on their website too.

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    there is a place where i got mine but im not exactly sure of the way i can tell you without getting into trouble... try googling breast buddies... or in one more post i could PM you the link... i got one and its brilliant

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