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Thread: Is 10dpo too early for hpt?

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    Question Is 10dpo too early for hpt?

    Hello all,

    I am 10dpo, month after month I have hated the ttw but held out until AF arrived without testing. I feel like this might be the magic month. Is it silly to test today, 10dpo? Or should I chance it and risk the disappointment? I know the rational answer is WAIT, but it is soooo difficult isnt it....?


    ps, sorry I should have posted this in opks' hpt etc......
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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    some people have had luck at 10DPO sassba but i've never got an answer that early - usually feint results at 12DPO for me and nothing strong until after 14DPO - I'd probably try and hold out - but if you have cheap tests and can handle the disappointment feel free to test although this early FMU is the better bet for a result. Also if you have really strong symptoms maybe you'll get a stronger result. Anyway enough of my rambling - if you can hold out do but either way best of luck when you do test - hoping you get that BFP!!!

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    My last cycle I got a faint result at 10dpo, retested at 12dpo and got a very strong positive.

    I guess it's possible, but a negative at 10po may not always be accurate, implantation can occur later and you may not get a result until later

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    If you are pregnent and get a really sensitive test it might show up at this time. I tested on 10DPO and got a very feint positive line.. but it was the day that AF was due. Maybe depends on what your cycle is like, how long it is?

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    I'd try and sweat it out a bit longer
    I only say this because I've tested at 9dpo and got a blatant negative, then a positive at 11dpo.
    If you test today and it's negative you'll still be thinking "what if" and you would be right. Pee sticks are expensive so try to hang on if you can! Good luck I hope this is your month

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    Hi Sassba,

    Well I am now 11DPO. I tested yesterday at 10DPO and got a full on negative. But I seriously feel different this month.

    I went onto Fertility Friend and the average of women who get a negative are 10DPO and a positive at 13DPO.

    There are women here for sure who have had a faint positive or line at 10DPO. But it's rare as FF explained. For your ease of mind, I would wait to test. I know last night I was very disappointed but kept telling myself it may be too early.

    The Lullaby Conception HPT are 10mui so they are much more sensitive that the ones you buy from the chemist (chemist ones are 25mui) so you may want order some from LC, I have and am waiting for them to arrive!

    I have posted a thread "WHEN TO TEST FOR HPT" on the OPK and HPT forum, it has valuable information on there from FF. Have a read and tell me how you go. Keep in touch too as I want to know whether you get a BFP in the next few days. I'm hoping I do too!


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    hey sassba32, i wish you the best of luck in getting a BFP, i too am into my 29th day of my cycle and tested yesterday and got a BFN but never the less you may be testing too early, so i would hold out till the end of the week and see how you go. good luck

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