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Thread: 2 different tests, 2 different results!?

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    Default 2 different tests, 2 different results!?

    Hi All,

    I usually purchase my OPK's from Lullaby Conceptions but opted for the more inexpensive outlet this time and got them from eBay.

    Just out of curiosity I thought I would use both test on the one urine sample. The LC one has two definate lines with the test line being slightly lighter than the control line and the eBay one has only the faintest test line - it's hardly there at all. Both tests are obviously negative but I am just a little worried that the eBay tests won't detect my O day as I am almost out of the other ones.

    What do you ladies make of this and do you have any suggestions or explanations???

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    I have a love/hate relationship with opk's however I found the lullabuy test to be very good. I found when I did get that second line on the lullabuy test I ovulated around that time.
    I have never got a positive opk. Even the lullabuy never went positive, but it went to two shades lighter and I obviously concieved around this time as I am pregnant! I found with all other opk's I never got this result. I spoke to the lady from lullabuy and she told me that when the second line starts to appear you will get a positive the next day. She suggested I test at 2pm and at 8pm to see if I can catch the surge. I did that and the next time I tested there was only the control line.
    So, I guess in a lot of words I am saying you will probably get a positive in your next testing.
    I hope I have helped,

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Tammy

    I opted for the cheaper ebay ones as well and honestly had no problems as they helped me conceive Gemma!I must say I never got an absolute positive on the ebay ones(they are the only ones I have ever used)but waited till I saw the line and started BD'ing from there!!

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    OMG Tammy & Flowerchild, thankyou SOOOO much for bringing this discrepancy up. I have only ever used OPK's from ebay and have never got a + result, not even a faint -ve. I was starting to think that I wasn't Oing or there was something wrong (despite having other signs of O). I will now switch to another type of OPK as the cheap ones obviously don't detect my LH surge.
    Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease!! =D>

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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    Glad we could help Bethany!!!

    I just figure maybe the ebay ones are less sensative so maybe I will have to adjust to that. I will definatley go back to the lullaby ones though, I just know and feel comfortable with them.

    Well thanks for all your help ladies. I'm just glad I decided to use both brands at once or I may have missed the chance to catch my eggie!!!

    Hey Deb - Congrats on your BFP!!!!!!!!!

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    Carys Guest


    I used a brand I cant remember the name of from the supermarket and was getting no test line at all. I then bought Clearblue OPK from the chemist and used both on the same day and the Clearblue had a faint line. Only problem was that the Clearblue pack cost about $50 for five tests which is extremely expensive.

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