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Thread: 2 Faint positives the a BFN

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    Question 2 Faint positives the a BFN

    Hi everyone

    AF is due tommorow for me and i did a test last night with pregnosis and got a faint positive, i then did the other pregnosis test at 3am and also got a faint positive.

    I then bought a assurance brand test and got a BFN.
    Im not sure what the sensitivity is on these brands so hoping it was just negative because it was less sensitive. Does anyone know of this brand??


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    Sorry I have no idea about that brand, but 2 BFPs certainly sounds promising! Good luck

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    hi amber

    im pretty sure pregnosis is 25. not sure about assurance, i havent heard of it. the sensitivity and quality of HPTS varies greatly so I wouldnt be suprised to hear that you have a faint positive on pregnosis but a negative on assurance and still be pregnant. i would grab another couple of brands - discover is good and do another test. try not to use fortel ultra as is it unreliable and can give false positives. perhaps get a blood test tomorrow if you are still not sure.

    best of luck - sounds very promising.

    ps i had the same thing happen to me and i have now had a blood test confirming that i am definitely pregnant!

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    JG's Princess83 Guest


    Hi Amber,

    From what I've been told and now from past experience, Pregnosis is notorious for false positives and evap lines which look like positives. I would definitely suggest using another brand to be on the safe side. I have my fingers crossed for you - hope there is a BFP coming your way!

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