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Thread: 2 lines on OPK's for 4 days in a row...

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Default 2 lines on OPK's for 4 days in a row...

    Hey girls

    Need some advice.I have been using opk's since day 11 as thats when my gyno said to start. So day 11 one line, day 12 one line, day 13 one line, day 14 2 lines not quite positive, day 15 2 lines positive(just), day 16 2 lines again(not quite positive!), day 17 which is today I just did another one and there are still 2 lines!!WTF is going on!?I did take clomid this cycle on days 4-8 but I know that does not interfere(well apart from making me ovulate!LOL!). How can my body be going through such a long LH surge?Don't want to ring my gyno again, have hounded him so much this month! Last 2 times I used OPK's I never got such a long LH surge!Longest was 2 days worth before.


    p.s owwww forgot to add that I had ovulation spotting(first time ever!) on day 16 in the morning.(morning after positive opk)

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    Kirsty just one question have you done a HPT ??

    I got two lines for about a week on OPK's when i was pg and didn't know it.
    The same might not happen to you but if it happend again and i got two lines for a while i would do a HPT just to check.


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    kirsty do a hpt!! it might be implantation spotting not ovulatin spotting!!

    every month i get 2 lines for 4 days...they just get lighter but still there

    good luck girl!!!

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I did a hpt and its negative.Any other ideas what might be going on?I'm think I'm going crazy everytime I see 2 lines on the opk!

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    Kirsty I just replied to your PM.

    How long is it until you get AF ??

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    um I think I'm due the 15th of feb so like 12 days!!

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    mooshie Guest


    hi kirsty

    i don't know if i can be of help but i used opk's last month in a last ditch effort lol and i got 2 lines (2nd one faint but there) for 3 days and on the 4th day got 2 strong lines at 1pm and 8pm only had 5 tests and used 2 on the same day lol just to make sure.

    good luck

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    Hi Kirsty,
    Your OPK results sound totally normal to me. You have only recorded 1 positive on one day, the rest of your results are the start and end of the LH surge. I got almost the exact same results as you this month and last. I would guess you Oed on the day after you saw the positve (just) result and the day you Oed the LH was still a bit detectable, hence 2 lines. Remember that 2 lines is still negative if the test line is lighter than the control line. Some people get a faint 2nd line throughout their cycles. What's important to note is when you see a proper positive.
    As I said, sounds normal to me.
    Good luck. I think we will be due to test around the same time!!

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Thanks girls!

    I just did another test and the 2 lines are still there!They are not fading or anything!Am quite confused and think that this cycle I may get 2 lines through out the rest of my cycle!

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    I think because you have LH in your system all the time that it is ok to see 2 lines. Maybe you've just got more on average that some people. But if you only have 1 day with a positive, that sounds normal to me. The others would still be negatives.

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