Well it's now CD 36 and still no AF and I've done 3 HPTs (2 am, 1 pm) and all were neg (although I thought one showed v v v v faint line but BF thinks it was just wishful thinking, hehe). Came off pill (Microgynon) halfway through pack in December, had period in Jan (31 day cycle) and it's now march and i thought af would be here on day 31 this month too (though obviously i hoped she wouldn't!). we bd'd every possibly opportunity last month although i didn't have much CM (EW day 17 and Creamy-sticky day 21) so not sure if I even ovulated

this post is boung to tempt fate and remind AF that she hasn't stopped by this month, but i don't know whether (1) i've ovulated, (2) i took the test too early and (3) is the pill messing me up??!!! i did read somewhere that you're actually more likely to get pg in the first two months [/i]after coming off the pill, then it gets harder after that... any thoughts anyone??!

ooh btw - my temps are still quite high:- for last 8 days they've been 36.8, 36.6, 36.7, 36.6, 36.7, 36.8, 36.8, 36.7... if it stays high does it mean AF will be here soon or is it an indication of pg...?

any advice is appreciated!!!!

neat xxx

PS - can't stop eating either, although this may be cos i've just packed up smoking a week ago today...?