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Thread: 4 days of +OPK????

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    Default 4 days of +OPK????

    I recently had 4 days of +OPK's? I was testing at about 8 in the morning and then 5 in the afternoon and was constantly getting lines of the same colour or darker then the control line? This hasn't happened any other month and I was wondering if anyone had heard of this? I even thought i might have had a 'dud' batch but the line has eventually disappeared?

    I have no idea when O would have been? Would it have been calculated from the first +OPK? Any thoughts muchly appreciated!!

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    Hi Beth ,

    Can you tell me what cycle day you are on? What is your normal cycle length? What was your period like last time (normal, lighter than normal???)? Have you had any Eggwhite Cervical Mucus?

    What day did you receive your first positive opk? Have you had any opks that came up negative..before the positive ones?

    Which brand are you using?

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    I have had as many as 5 +OPK's in a row using the brand Confirm and testing in the morning (2nd morning pee). I now test in the evening and only get about 3 positive days with that brand. So the time that you do the test does make a difference. I am now using a different brand (Fortel) and I test in the evening (about 6.30) and only get about one day of positive.

    By the way, I have fallen pregnant using both brands in the past.

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    mmm Debbie (angelbabies3) had experiences with lots of positives in a row. In theory when you first detect your surge it is advised you will ovulate on average within 24 hours.

    So, your best chance of conception (according to my ob) is to make love from the time you get a positive until the line disappears and then a day to be sure! It could be a bit of a marathon if you get positives for 4 days in a row!

    I would theorise that you would have ovulated about 24 hours after your first surge. Perhaps your body released a large amount of LH and thus it has stayed around for a bit longer than usual? Perhaps you released 2 eggs - when this happens I believe the second egg is usually released within 48 hours of the first...

    If you don't conceive this cycle it will be interesting to see if you have such a sustained surge in your next cycle....

    What brand of opk's are you using? Some are more sensitive than others much like pregnancy tests.... Are you using the same brand this month as you have in previous months???

    I haven't helped much I am sorry. However it is always good practice I believe from experience to make love from the first positive opk and continue until the day after the opk turns clear again...

    I hope you caught that egg (or maybe 2???)

    Edited to add: Sorry I didn't read the previous posts before I stuck my beak in!!!!

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