thread: Addicted to POAS

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    Jul 2012

    Addicted to POAS

    I can't help myself - I am my own worst enemy.

    I am so addicted to POAS and everytime I see that negative sign it breaks my heart a bit more.

    Am I the only one that tortures myself like this??

    Oh well - hopefully next cycle! lol

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    Feb 2008
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    Definatly not!! once I start I cannot stop, and It is so hard seeing that neg.
    FX that your next cycle will be the one

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    Mar 2008
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    Nope. Hi, my name is Lily Dust and I was addicted to POAS testing

    Loads of luck for next cycle, hun

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    Oct 2006
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    Um I may have a poas addiction. I am happy to say i have been clean for 5 weeks.... Lol

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    Jul 2012

    haha good to know that I am not alone.

    I have all the symptoms....missed AF, nausea, headaches, cramps, bloating, even what I interpreted as an implantation bleed.........
    all i am waiting on is that BFP!!!
    hence the addiction lol

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    Mar 2007

    Nope you aren't alone!! First time around ttc I was POAS a lot!! It's hard, and frustrating when you want a baby so badly. It will happen just a matter of when

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    Dec 2008
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    You're definitely not alone hun, lol. I torture myself too. GL with your next cycle hun xx