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Thread: AF now 2 days late... what should I do?

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    Default AF now 2 days late... what should I do?

    I'm a bit confused ATM...

    DP and I did the deed, unprotected the day before AF was due.

    AF was due yesterday.

    The night of the deed and morning that AF was due I was so sure I was getting AF, I had cramps which felt like my normal pains.
    The morning AF was due, I went to the bathroom when I got up and (TMI!!!) when I wiped a very very light pinkish discharge came out. I thought it was the coming on of AF, but it has now been almost 2 days later and nothing... even the cramps and pains have gone?!

    This was the only time we had unprotected sex this month... and usually AF is a few days early, never really late.

    Considering AF is 2 days late can I take a HPT? Or will the results be inconclusive due to the fact that we only had unprotected sex 2-3 days ago?

    *Some extra info on the month is* I have been stressed out a lot more than usual, so this could be a major factor of AF being late. I would just put it down to stress IF I didn't have unprotected sex and ontop of that the light pinkish discharge yesterday morning.

    Racking my brain here!!!

    TIA for any info/advice.

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    Hey hon...implantation takes 7-10 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to early to even get the HPT test out.
    Should your cycles be regular, you would not be ovulating 2 days before AF is due.....women usually ovulate in the middle of their cycle. Typically day 14 of their cycle, but of course this varies from women to women....Stress, diet are all reasons AF maybe late. I would give it another week - 10 a HPT just incase, if still concerned, see your GP...

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    I know, I'm probably looking into it waaay to much- and too soon.

    Like I said, if I didn't have the pinkish discharge yesterday morning and if I still had my normal AF pains I would probably put it down to the stress... I've been a member of this site & other fertility tracking sites for a while so I understand about the most fertile time of the month and ovulating etc...

    Now it's basically a waiting game! If AF doesn't come in 5 days I will do a HPT. I'm so impatient, a million things will be going through my mind until then!

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    Some extra info (maybe TMI)!

    Yesterday after the pinkish discharge I started getting a thick white discharge by the evening (what I usually get when I'm ovulating)
    My nipples are extra sensitive
    I had to pee every hour betwwen 12 and 3 yesterday afternoon while out with my sister (I just remembered she noticed this)
    And I felt nauseous, which has now gone

    These are all reasons why I'm a bit confused and writing about this here. We have of course DTD during the month but we used contraceptives...

    Blah... I know it's still too early to do anything. Just needed to vent

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    Gosh this is a bit of a mystery???? Perhaps you released an egg in mid cycle and then the luna cycle egg the day you are talking about. Do you know about the luna cycle??? It's pretty fascinating. What a wait you have on your hands, all that wonder would be driving me a little crazy. Would it be a welcomed little happening if you are utd?

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    hey hun

    you said you used contraception, i don't want to intrude but what did you use/ or are using?? condoms, pill, withdraw method??
    without knowing what you actually using for saftey i would just do a HPT just incase, plus it would stop all the wondering if you are or arent pregnant.

    if your HPT comes up neg, then wait a few more days and if she still hasnt shown up, i would make a quick trip to your doc to see what they think might be going on.

    hope you get some answers soon, i know its so hard being in limbo land!

    please let us know how you go


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    Depending on your contraception methods during your cycle, it is possible that you could be pregnant and the pinkish blood after DTD could have been irritation of the cervix. No contraception is 100% effective, as we know, maybe you had a sneaky one get through

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