thread: Another Maybe Baby question...

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    Aug 2005

    Another Maybe Baby question...

    Hi girls

    For those that use Maybe Baby, how often do you normally get ferns for? partial ones and full ones?? as in, how many days in a row?? this month i've had ferns (partial and full ones) 7 days in a row!!! not sure if this is "normal" or not???


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    *TamaraP* Guest

    It is quite normal to show this sort of pattern because it is detecting "O"

    Full Ferns normally means you about to "o" but if you show it again the following day it means it is definately going to happen.

    Partial I found I got 4days before "O" and then A full Fern on or before "O" and then they disappeared.

    Always take a Fern as a good sign and DTD!!

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    Aug 2005

    Thanks Tamara, what I find strange is that i'm positive I O'd on Friday - due to an increase in temp the next day, and my CM changing, but I still got ferns this morning!!!

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    I don't know :-k
    I would take your Friday as "o" but I would again tonight just to be on the safe side.

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    Aug 2004

    i get all sorts of readings on the Maybe Baby ....mostly NOTHING actually....just lunar dots. Last month I actually got some ferns and that was exciting.

    Nowdays, I check on my CM and want to check my CP but not sure yet what I am feeling/looking for.

    I never did any of this for my first....

    Good luck on you using Maybe Baby --- I hope it works for you!!

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    What I should tell you.
    Don't use it in the morning.

    I use it in the afternoons about 2 hours after eating and drinking.

    You get a clear result.