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Thread: Another OPK Question!

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Another OPK Question!

    Yesterday I thought I got a + OPK but now I look at it, it does seem to be maybe a shade lighter than the control line.

    I've just done another one today and it's DEFINITELY positive - it came up within seconds and the test line is darker than the control line.

    So was yesterday's one still classed as negative, and today's one as positive?

    We've already DTD today 8-[ but should we DTD again tomorrow or would Sunday be alright? You O 24 - 48 hours after the + OPK, is that right? We've been trying to DTD every second day (and have done since day 11, currently CD17 now). Do you think today and Sunday would be alright or do we need to sneak in another one tomorrow instead of Sunday?!?!

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    What about DTD both days just to make sure

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    Melinda Guest


    I think DH might be sick of me trying to jump his bones already so I think I'll only be able to squeeze one in on either day, not both ROFL!!!!

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    LOL mine would be pleased if i let him have it two days running he would think it's Christmas all over again.

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    I would do it again tomorrow. I was like that with my OPKs as well i wasn't sure if the day before was the postive or not and when i did it the next day you could definitley tell it was positive, so I classed the first one as a negative as I wasn't 100%


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    Melinda Guest


    Yeah that's what I thought Kat. I'll class yesterday's as negative and today's as positive. I mean there's no disputing that today's is positive!!

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    I would class yesterday's as negative and today's as positive.

    I would DTD again maybe tomorrow and if DH feels up to it again Sunday.

    Good luck matey, I really hope you get a BFP in a couple of weeks. [-o<

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