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    Default Another OPK question

    I've been doing OPK's all week and since Tuesday i have been getting two lines today's is lighter then the others. I am about to O or have i missed it ??

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    If it is lighter it sounds like you have missed it. Were any of the tests as dark as or darker than the control line ??


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    None of the tests where ever as dark or darker than the control line.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Michelle

    I had that for 10 days in a row and then all of a sudden I got one that was alot darker then the control line.I thought that I o on day 15 because I swear the 2nd line was getting lighter but come day 21 it was really dark.Remember I thought I was pg!!Not the case though o build up was making me sick!!Goodluck

    p.s I've never had so many days in a row with 2 lines!

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    Kirtsy you saying about o build up making you sick i haven't been feeling well for the last couple of days.

    I've check my dates with a online calculater and it says i should O
    I'll test again tomorrow and see what happens i have two tests left. I think if i am not pg this month i won't use them again as i think it adds more stress to it. At least i now knwo i should O any time after CD13.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Yeh the build up made me really sick.I had dizzyness, nausea and generally feeling under the weather.I honestly thought it was m/s!

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    Hi Michelle,

    I would have tested again tonight about 8pm to see what lines came up. What tests were you using? I know I used some cheap bulk ones bought online and I didnt get a line on them when the same day I bought Fortel Ovulation ones and they came up everytime. That was my second time using them. The first time I just used the fortel ones.


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    Hi Katie,

    I have been using cheap ones that i brought online.
    Thought i woukld test again tomorrow around the same time and see what happens.

    What may not be helping is i am under a lot if stress at the moment and to be honest using these have not helped. Now i know when i should O i will go by that next month if i don't fall pg this month.

    Thanks everyone for your help.

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    I would go the Fortel Ovulation ones for next month if you dont catch the eggie this month. You pay more but they were more accurate for me.


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