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Thread: Any advice on what to do?

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    Default Any advice on what to do?

    Hello everyone!

    Before my last period I had swollen ankles and breasts. I was so sleepy.... sleeping up to five hours extra a day if I could! I felt sick every morning and afternoon. I also had to go to the toilet all the time. I had cramps etc etc.

    Anyway, a while after all of that I got my period...
    It was late though... I actually did a HPT just to see if I might be pregnant. The test came up with a very faint second line... But that was around when I got my period.

    Anyway, I am feeling the same again... so emotional, swollen, exhausted, pale skin, and I feel like I have put on weight.... I am hoping a bub might be the reason. I just feel so much more hungry then normal too. Bad cramping too.... all symptoms that I never usually have.

    My next period is not due yet, but I did another HPT anyway... which turned out negative again.

    Can you have a full period like that if you are pregnant?
    If so... well when should the HPT test positive?

    We are not really TTC, but after thinking I am pregnant, I would like to start. We currently use no form of contraception or protection now anyway, but hubby withdraws, Which is something that I have been told does not matter, as they still apparently leak???!!

    Anyway any advice on anything that might help me would be appreciated.


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    Hi Tammy,

    It's possible that you can be pregnant and still bleed. HPTs are great and they have their place but I have to say that after my IVF cycle during which I fell pregnant, I had no signs or symptoms and I did two HPTs which came up negative. The only reason I knew I was pregnant is that the clinic always does a blood test two weeks after the transfer as that is the most reliable pg test there is.

    Maybe contact your doctor and have a chat about what's been happening. See if they will give you a blood test to check the level of hcG (the pregnancy hormone) in your blood.



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