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Thread: Anyone experienced with OPK???

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    Default Anyone experienced with OPK???

    Hey Ladies,

    Im on CD31 at the moment, with no AF and no BFN. Im on my second cycle after miscarriage and normally have a 28 day cycle with no issues...

    I was using OPK's and tested positive for a few days then negative then positive some of them had a dark line not too wide on the test line but it was still darker then the control line. I had accuptunture on the monday on day 14 and had tingling etc and thought maybe i had o'd on day 15....but then on day 19 i had the darkest line ever...but only half the line..but i have heard you still take the half line as a positive

    So i am so so so confused of whats going on......and if i am now going to have cycle problems...


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    Are you charting your cycle?.. I found OPK's too confusing to use on their own, but in conjunction with charting it makes more sense.. Last cycle I got a positive OPK 4 days in a row which apparently *COULD* mean: 1 I got the LH surge but no egg was released so I got an LH surge again OR I ovulated more than 1 egg.. Which I think is possible as I had fraternal twins last time.. Anyway, not sure if I was much help, but I think when AF comes start charting

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    Thanks...yeah there way to confusing. The first cycle after miscarriage was spot on 14 days..i got a positive, but no pregnancy. This one however was so confusing, and made knowing when or if ovulation was impossible. They all look pretty much positive at times....yeah i might have to if im not pregnant.

    I checked my cervix, and yesterday it was low and hard, but last night and this morning its high and my finger tip....i have googled and it sounds like it could be pregnancy....but not 100./.

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