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Thread: Calling Fortel OPK experts

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    Default Calling Fortel OPK experts

    Hi Girls

    I have been using Fortel OPK's for 5 days, first 3 days nothing but Monday night and last night when I tested there was a second line but was fainter than the test one so it classes as a negative. My question is although the line was faint does that mean 'O' is coming soon. ](*,)

    I don't have the instructions with me does anyone have their help line number?


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    Hi Jchab

    I used to get faint lines all the time, for the first 2 months I tried them it never got darker than the control line and this was the 2months after coming off the pill. the 3rd month i was really sick and so we skipped it. The last month i got faint lines and then a really dark one !!.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    Love :smt049

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    I always got a faint second line. But I recall fertility friend girls saying that if it is slowly getting darker O might be coming. I think since you have had some that have shown no line at all you might want to start BD just in case. I know one of the other girls in 1st tri never got a real + when she stared using them. She will probably drop in at some stage.

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    Hi Jchab,

    I used them and only got a faint second line the whole time I used them. I asked Fertility Friend experts and they advised me to bd and put it down as a positive result. I only used that one month and bingo I got pregnant!!

    Sending you lot's of good luck. I hope you get a BFP hpt soon.

    I have their help number its: 1800 646 677

    Kazz & co \/
    Nicholas 26/10/02

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    Hi Girls

    Thanks for all your replies.

    I have just spoken with them. The line that came up last night wasn't as dark as the night before. They think that I have missed the big LH surge. He said next cycle (which hopefully there is not one O then test in the morning.

    So I'm not getting my hopes up too much we BD last night and it is my first cycle of the pill so it's anyones guess.

    I am currently on cd 17 at the moment so when do you think I should test??


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    being your first cycle of the pill I would way till at least CD 30 if not more. My cycles after coming of the pill went out to 33 day cycles. They say AF usually occurs 14 days after ovulation, and after the LH surge most ppl have ovulated within 48hrs. So if you are on CD 17 that still makes it CD 31 before possible AF arriving

    Hope this helps somewhat

    Love :smt049

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