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Thread: can i still O without any ferning?

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    Default can i still O without any ferning?

    Hi There,

    I have been using a saliva microscope for the past week now and im yet to see any ferning, i have been using it quite a few times a day and all i get is pebbles, does this mean i am not fertile???:eek:
    I would have thought that i wuld have had partial ferning by now.

    I have been temping also and still don't have a coverline and im cd15, had a bit of EWCM the last few days but not heaps.

    Im just not sure if i wasted my money on this device or if its me thats the problem, im that its the device!!!!

    Oh, it seems to take forever to dry, so would it make any difference if i let it dry near the heater, not really close just near by?

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    Hmmm, I found that I had to get the right amount on the scope to get a clear result. Make sure its not too thick..

    But in answer to the question... yes you can still ovulate... MB can give mixed results... just rely on your temps and CM for "O"

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    Tamara is right you need to get the right amount on there, also I let mine dry for about 1hr before I check it.

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    Hi Michelle, when I was TTC Nicholas I used the MB tester and I don't think I ever got anyu true ferning even when I had lots of EWCM, yet I still managed to concieve him, so obviously I was still Oing but it never showed up on the microscope as ferns!!

    Oh and putting it near the heater I did that and it does try it quicker.

    Good luck matey.

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    I have had good results using salvia tests, but then that made it a little harder as they were not matching my CM or temps!
    This month though i was too busy to use then, and never found time to stop drinking etc to have a good result.
    I think the testing is a very personal thing.

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    Hi Michelle,
    I too tried the microscope over quite a few months and had problems with the results. I stopped using it as it was contradicting other signs and giving me false readings. The best was to check is opk's, cm and temp charting. I personally think saliva microscopes are useless and cause confusion and stress. I wouldn't waste my time with them again.
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