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Thread: Can recent pregnancy cause false positive? What is recent?

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    Default Can recent pregnancy cause false positive? What is recent?

    Hi all,

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    This is my second time round. My litle girl is now almost 9 months old. My now husband and i decided early on that we wanted our 2nd child to be close in age. We got married on the 25th Nov 2005 & promised to wait until after the wedding to try for the 2nd child. Well guess what it seems that first time trying we have done it. My period is currently 6 days late.

    I got my period back with first pregnancy 3 months after her birth whilst fully bf. i am still bf her now. However ever since my periods have started they have been all over the place. Between 5 - 9 days late.

    However since we were planning this pregnancy i have been on the ball and did a urine test yesterday and today. Both different tests but all having a faint positive result. I have read each product info over and over. I can see each result as you hold the test at arms length but my concern is this. On the product info of this mornings test (crystal clear) it says if you have had a recent pregnancy a false positive reading may appear. Is almost 9 months ago a recent pregnancy!! I hope this isn't a stupid question. I though second time round i would be more relaxed and take things as they come but i am just as excited, anxious and worried as the first time.

    look forward to response.

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    Hi there, its not a stupid question at all.

    In my opinion, I feel the leaflet was possibly refering more to recent pregnancies such as miscarriages etc.

    Some women experience a m/c, and can register a positive for a few weeks after the loss.

    I don't think it would be picking up on any HCG in your system from your daughter's pregnancy.

    Welcome by the way.

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    Welcome to BB.

    I would say if your body does have any hcg in it and you are getting a faint positive then you could be pg again. As Chrissy has said I would also think the leaflet would be refering to someone who has had a m/c recently as hcg levels can still be detected a few weeks later.

    I would wait a couple more days and re test. If you still get a faint positive maybe go to yoru dr and get a blood test done.

    Good luck

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    Hi and welcome to BB!

    I'd say that your probably pregnant again!To be sure though I'd get a b/t done at the doc.


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    After I had my miscarriage, it was 2 months before my Hcg levels were normal. So I'm pretty sure they would be out of your system.
    I would test again in a few days just to be sure

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