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    I have been using OPKs for the past 9 days and am yet to see a +...both today and yesterday I have had EWCM...Am just wondering whether the negative OPKs mean I have not ovulated this month? Also has anyone had only - OPKs and still conceived?
    (TTC 2 months, on CD21, last cycle was 34 days)
    Thanks Emma xo

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    this last month i didnt see a positive opk at all and i certainly did conceive so you never know

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    were you testing at the same time each day? or is your cycle maybe really irregular and you didn't test at the right time? Plus I don't think OPKs are 100% effective. But OTOH, some women so have anovulatory cycles and don't actually o every month, for example if ony one ovary is working.

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    This month i didnt see a positive BUT i did see two very dark lines (the test line was slightly lighter than the control line) i didnt conceive but i was pretty sure i did ovulate and may have missed the actual surge, this may be the same for you, i didnt temp this month but i will next month to be sure i OVulated, so maybe you should try that too! oh and those OPK's i think im gonna give them a miss- too upsetting for me... i ended up using about 20 of them in one cycle trying to catch that bloody line. Good luck to you though!

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    Thanks for your help finding this whole process so confusing, am trying not to think about it too much...Have found it hard to test at the same time every day because of work, maybe that was the problem...Will definitely try temping next cycle
    Emma xo

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    HI Emma,
    I wouldn't give up yet! It is preferable to test at the same time each time - perhaps you could try 6pm at evening when you get home??? 2pm is thoguht to be the optimal time. I needed to test 3 times a day to get a true positive. Have you noticed any darkening up of your lines??? I would definitely keep testing as your postive could be just around the corner....

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    Hi Deb
    I thought I noticed a very very faint line on CD18, but it was so faint that I wondered whether I was just imagining it...i put it down as a negative anyway, as I thought I would get a darker line in the couple of days following...
    Emma xo

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