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Thread: Confused!!!!!!

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    Question Confused!!!!!!

    Hi everyone,
    I tested this morning using the clearblue digital test. It came up with Not Pregnant.
    But when i ejected the cartridge there was a definant second line. It was fainter that the control line but it was definatly there. even at an arms legnth with no light.

    why did it say Not pregnant when there was a line???


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    Maybe because the line was faint????? What do the instructions say about a faint line? I'd say to wait a few days then test again

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    I'd have to agree with Sarah, its prob cos it was faint.
    I used those tests too, the first came up Not Pregnant, but i had the same as you a faint second line, i waited a couple of days and tested again (one of the 11 i did) and it came up straight away PREGNANT, so i'd say thats prob the case and a huge congratulations is on the way!!

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