thread: Confused about OPK results

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    Confused about OPK results

    Good Evening,

    I have been doing my OPK tests and yesterday at about 11am I got a +, then at about 6pm I got a -, and today at about 5pm I got another +. :-k I am a bit confused, is anybody able to offer any enlightenment into this?


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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    mmmm. It is possible for women to ovulate more than once in a cycle. It is not common but it does happen. I am wondering though are you certain that you got a positve result? In most tests the test line has to be darker than or equal in colour to the control band. I am sure you know this but I am just checking. I am using opk's at present too. In the past I have used them and never got a positive result even in the cycle that I conceived my now almost 3 year old daughter! I have been told by the manufacturer that it is often good to check twice a day the optimum time being 2pm as it takes time for the LH to be detectable in urine and then again at 8pm. I am doing this this cycle (from tomorrow).
    If you are sure you ovulated then perhaps you have ovulated again. Maybe you have been given an extra chance this month! I hope so. I look forward to hearing how you go.
    With love and blessings\

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    WOW!!! I have never heard that before, that it is possible to ovulate twice. My hopes have now doubled . My temps haven't gone up yet so hopefully they will tomorrow. It's hard to tell when I ovulate because I don't get EWCM, hence it is my first month using preseed. Thanks for your encouragement and I guess I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    [quote="happy1"]optimum time being 2pm as it takes time for the LH to be detectable in urine and then again at 8pm.

    Just had to report back!!! I did the test again at 8pm as you suggested and the test line was definatley darker than the control line. How exciting, a positively +'ve OPK!!! The closest I have got before is a line of equal darkness and I have been charting for 4 months now. Thanks for your words of wisdom

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    Mar 2005

    Ohhhh good luck sweety.xx Hope it happens for you.

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    I have got a hugesmile on my face!!! Congratulations!!! Make the most of tonight. Just an aside, I have also read that it can be good to have intercourse the morning after the positive test as well and then again in the following evening and the one after that. I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts and I hope to hear good news very very soon. I am soooo happy for you!
    Love and blessings,

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    Thanks for your sweet thoughts Nadia

    Deb since your advise has been right so far I will I will follow your advise all the way and at the recommended times

    All the best to you both

    Tammy XX OO

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    Feb 2005
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    tammy good luck and i hope that you catch the eggie - the amount of food and drink that you consume prior to the test can also affect the concentrations of the LH in your urine - which could be why you got a + - + . The LH is released usually in the mornign which is why it peaks later in the day...

    Yay for noting its defineately darker now...

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    Sep 2004

    One thing to keep in mind when doing OPKs to make sure you get an accvurate result is doing them at the same time each day - apparently afternoon is actually better than morning. Doing them at different times doesnt reflect changes accurately...

    Here's hoping that you caught yourself an eggie this month and dont have to use the damn things again anyway!

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Yes, the manufacturer and my obstetrician both told me the time was important. Evidently the lutinising hormone is excreted in the morning and takes time to be evident in urine. They said that 2pm is the optimum time for testing, but that some women have a surge that is more difficult to detect. (Me!). They both suggested the test is done twice a day once at 2pm and again at 8pm. They also suggested for the optimum result that you ensure you don't pass urine for at least 2hours before testing and not to drink excessively during that 2 hour period as this will dilute your urine and possibly give a false negative result. I am not sure if you can mention suppliers on this site so I won't but I bought my opk on line from a supplier that was recommended by my obgyn. The particular test I am using for the first time this month supposedly if it shows a faint line in the test window it is a good idea to do a second test 5-6 hours later as the faint line often heralds an imminent positive. I am wondering if this has been the case with me before. I have NEVER had a poitive opk. Even on the cycles I have conceived on! My Doctor and the opk seller have both suggested I do the above. Maybe this can help other women. Has anyone else experienced not getting a positive but actually ovulating?
    I am also wondering in the past if I had held my urine for long enough prior to testing.
    Love to you all and please send me posive thoughts. I am hoping to have a positive opk tomorrow or the next day!
    Lots of love \/