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Thread: Confused about preg test!

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    Default Confused about preg test!

    A friend of mine was about 5 days late... she did a test, waited a few minutes and it was neg. She put it down, relieved, and forgot about it.
    A few hours later she went back and found a pos line had appeared too.
    The next morning she did another test.... waited and waited.... neg.
    Left that one for a few hours and came back..... AGAIN a pos line had appeared.
    She was pretty sure the tests were accurate if read between 3-5 minutes. But she rang her doc just to check, and they said a pos result can take from 2 minutes to 2 hours to appear.
    What the! Never heard of that.
    She's desperately trying to get in to the doctor to get a blood test, but no luck so far.
    What do you think? Should she take it as a POS??
    Anyone else experience this????

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    Some of them, if you leave them for too long, come up with what is called an evaporation line.

    The only way to tell for sure is to go and get a blood test. Even the most reliable of POAS tests can be unreliable.

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