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Thread: Confused as normal... probably nothing as normal lol *TMI*

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    Default Confused as normal... probably nothing as normal lol *TMI*

    I decided that this month I would have a break from TTC but now I am unsure.... too late to try this month though lol....
    AF was only for one day and I lost two clots during the night (I never bleed during the night).
    In the days before AF I got two positive HPTs and a positive OPK before everything when negative.
    Now (I should be Oing) I have done another two HPTs and an OPK and the OPK came back negative and the two hpts both seem to have evap lines on them.
    All my OPKs are FR and the first two HPTs and one of the recent ones are internet cheapies so I decided to do a FR test and that has an evap line on it... I think it is an evap line :-/
    I am starting to doubt that AF was real, although it is probably just me being silly but DP is starting to be a bit suspicious too because I have a huge acne break out and my nipples are SUPER sensitive, so much so that DP can barely play with them and normally (even when they are feeling rather sensitive) he can be as rough with them as he wants. I have other meaningless symptoms IMO as I tend to get the others regulary but my skin and nipples are really comfusing me. I have only had a break out this bad when I was UTD and when when I first started at the gym lol. Also people are noticing that my skin and hair are looking very healthy... another thing I usually get only when UTD actually lol.
    With my three pregnancies I only ever got a positive from the earliest 7w1d and that was the latest one, the other two were about 8-9weeks. Has anyone else ever had a similar thing happen to them? I will try and not test until AF is due again as I know that is the logical thing to do but I will update if I do give in lol. I probably am just over reacting like normal though lol.

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    Default Confused as normal... probably nothing as normal lol *TMI*

    I guess you could go get a blood test done?? That would be pretty definitive. Good luck, sounds promising

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