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    I have been using a fertile focus fertility microscope (like Maybe Baby) and it showed that I ovulated at 21 days exacty as I had thought. 6 days later I had a very light pinkish bleed for 3 days - a week before my AF was due. And this week my fertile focus is showing constant really obvious ferning. I am really confused - has anyone heard of ferning showing in very early pregnancy because of estrogen levels? I have done some tests but all have been negative so far .... I have also been feeling extremely tired. It's all very wierd ... I am now exacly 14 days post ov.

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    Hi Liv,

    You've got some signs there that might indicate you are pg ... I really hope so. Are you going to test?

    Judging by the wide variety of experience others have had with Maybe Baby, it seems likely that ferning can be present on more than one occasion during a cycle. I'm not sure whether you would also get it in early pg but perhaps that is possible.

    I used MB myself but in conjunction with an OPK while I was having artificial insemination (I was going to write "AI" instead of artificial insemination but thought I had already used too many acronyms in the one sentence). I know some other ladies here have experienced similar confusion with the MB results for the same reason.

    Good luck and let us know how you go.


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    MB, I find gives me ferns throughout the month, it doesn't matter what CD I am on. I use it as an indication that I was fertile and hubby.

    I also used it when I was pregnant, and found that I was getting full ferns aswell.

    I hope yours are a good sign aswell!!

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    I'm having exactly the same problem as you! I no longer fully trust Maybe Baby...

    I get ferning every single day. Sometimes only a few small pattern and other times I have heaps. But I am positive I ovulated on CD26 as I had O pains on one side and EWCM. However, as far as I know, I am not pregnant.

    In my instructions, Maybe Baby says that constant ferning can occur due to naturally high oestrogen levels or pregnancy!!! I'm going to start Ovulation tests that you wee on from now on. I've just ordered a pack of 20 Ovunow tests off ebay for $10.95.

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