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Thread: Crystal Clear HPT's - opinion's please

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    Default Crystal Clear HPT's - opinion's please

    Hi there,

    Just wondering what everyone's opinion on the Crystal Clear HPT's. My period is due on Thursday and I did a test today and got a faint positive (you could see it from arms length).

    I had a miscarriage a few months back so I'm obviously very excited, but also trying to stay realistic incase the same thing happens again.

    Have most found Crystal Clear to be realiable and has anyone had false positives from them? I used Crystal Clear with my first pregnancy but didn't test till first day of my missed period.


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    Congratulations Sandra! What happy Christmas news.
    Relax... If you can see a positive from arms length and you have used Crystal clear I would feel confident in thinking myself pregnant if I were you! Most HPT's can detect lower levels of hcg than they advertise. Crystal Clear has a good reputation. I have always (and this is only me, every woman's body and every pregnancy is different) been able to get a positive test a few days before my AF is due.
    Do another test on Thursday morning and it is very likely to be stronger and darker. Think of joining pregnancy after miscarriage and loss, the women there will support you and help you through. The early stages of pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage can sometimes be a bit scary.
    Lots of love and hugs to you!

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    Hi Sandra

    It sounds good to me \/

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    Thanks Guys for your supportive comments.

    I did do another test this morning, however due to not being able to get another Crystal Clear (none in Coles) I got a Fortel Ultra HPT. I tested with first morning pee and got a very faint line. It suprised me actually cause Fortel Ultra is supposed to be the most sensitve HPT??? When I tested with Crystal Clear two days ago (and in the afternoon) I got a more prominent line.

    Please tell me I'm being silly, but I'm just worried about an early miscarriage... I shouldn't have tested till after AF was due!!!

    I hate the waiting... I really should join the pregnancy after loss group, but I feel like I'm jumping the gun a bit. I'm only 4 weeks if at all.


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    OOOOHHH Sandra - sounds to me like congratulations are in order! I plan not to test this cycle until after AF is due. This will be hard as it seems I am Oing quite late this cycle, so may not be until day 39 that I get to test - hehehe. Do you have any pregnancy symptoms?

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    Hi Sandra
    Sounds like congratulations are in order!You should join the preg after m/c group they are a fantastic support group.

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    Thanks Girls!!!

    Hi Bethany, I've been wondering how you were doing. I don't really feel that different apart from the odd cramp and a few twinges in my belly. I remember not feeling much with my first pregnancy and I was never convinced that I was pregnant until I saw my first scan at 12 weeks!! Silly I know. Maybe I'll be lucky this time also and have a good pregnancy. I'm naturally feeling very anxious given the miscarriage I had a few months back, but I keep thinking that we can have a healthy baby, so I need to stay positive. Great news that are ovulating (I was going to reply in that post yesterday until I saw your post in this discussion). Fingers crossed big time for day 39 hey!! I really hope you get your BFP!!!

    Kristy, I've joined the preg after loss group yesterday. They are soooo lovely and supportive.

    Have a good day!! I can hear my 16 month old having a field day in the kitchen... little monkey!!

    See ya

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