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Thread: Digital OPKs?

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    Percy Guest

    Default Digital OPKs?

    I've seen in the chemist a digital OPK test thingo. Has anyone used one? Is it reuseable? (I should hope so for the price!) It seems to be reuseable but am unsure.

    Thanks! 8-[

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    Great question Percy! I saw one advertised on Ebay and wondered the same thing! Be interesting to see if anyone has used one before and what they're like! :-k

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    kirsty Guest


    I've never seen one before :-k

    What do they look like?

    Do they look like a normal thermometer?

    I'll have to have a look in the chemists next time I'm in there.

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    Percy Guest


    hmmmm well they look like a cross between a digital thermometre and a pee on the stick OPK. I think clearblue make them? Though I could be completetly wrong!

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    I saw one that looks like what you would use to check your Blood Sugar Levels. The pee sticks seem pretty cheap on ebay...

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