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    Default Dissapearing line

    HI everyone, I did a test this morning it came up with a second line but it dissapeared before the 10 mins I've had another look at it just before and the second line is back but very very faint, I've tried to scan it but it doesent come up. Do you think I should disreguard it and just wait another few days nad test again?

    Af is due on Monday the test was a fortel not the ultra one though.
    What do you think.
    I'm on 14DPO.
    Link to chart

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    hey lisa,

    your chart is looking great. u even have an implantation dip!

    i reckon you are preg, im very positive!

    Maybe try another hpt tomorrow as your hcg levels double each day

    fingers crossed for you sweetie [-o<

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    *Lisa* Guest


    Thank you You made me fell a whole lot better no-one has said it before.
    Thanks, I kinda want to wait untill Af does/doesnt show on monday to test but I may cave a do one on saturday.

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    Awww hun :hugs: I just noticed from your FF link that AF turned up yesterday. What a [email protected] Easter present. I'm so sorry that this wasn't your lucky cycle, but I hope next cycle will bring you your

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