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Thread: Do evaporation lines fade from HPT's?

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    Default Do evaporation lines fade from HPT's?

    Just wondering if evaporation lines fade from HPT's?

    After my posts yesturday Im really worried maybe we are reading evap lines?

    The line in the test region is soo very faint, its lead us to having conversations about how faint is to faint! :eek:

    The line comes up very faint within the test time frame, but gradually gets darker. Like hours later its much easier to see.

    So Im hoping the evap lines disappear, thus making it a true +.

    Does anyone know? Or do evap lines get darker over time too?

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    I don't know the answer, sorry but I'd love to see what everyone else says - I'm in the same boat. I took a pregnosis yesterday, and a faint line came up around 5 minutes, faint but there - got darker when it dried, then a few hours later it faded away a bit - it's still there, but it's faint.

    GL with testing this morning

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    deedeeze Guest


    Girls, you are probably both "just" pregnant. Get a blood test done, they pick up HCG before it shows in your urine.

    If you have some doubts, wait a few more days (if you can!) and do the test again

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