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Thread: Does a regular cycle mean ovulation?

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    Default Does a regular cycle mean ovulation?

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 6months with no luck so far. I have a very regular 28-day cycle...does that mean I am ovulating? I'm very new to all this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    First of all - 6 months is well within the range of "normal" in terms of how long it takes to conceive. Secondly, a regular cycle certainly implies ovulation, but it doesn't always guarantee that it is happening.

    A friend of mine had a regular cycle, but was completely anovulatory due to PCOS - they eventually conceived with no problems at all using clomid.

    You may like to start temperature charting to see if the expected temperature changes that show ovulation are actually happening, or grab some ovulation predictor sticks and see if you can detect an LH surge.

    Alternatively, if you are really worried, your GP will be able to arrange a progesterone level test which would be done around day 21 of your cycle to see if there is an elevated progesterone level - indicative of ovulation.

    I hope this information helps, welcome to Belly Belly and good luck!


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    I can also say that my cycle was regular and i had been anovulatory-my specialist thought for years. After going to see a fs and having tests done,we commenced with stimulation injections after tablets failed. We did four cycles like this with just timed intercourse. Still no results , so we moved to the next step(iui)where they inject the sperm through the vagina straight into the uterus,so it dosent have to swim so far. After two iui cycles we got our bfp(I'm 37). Its been two years of trying but our dream baby is coming late november.

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    I agree with butterfly warrior - for peace of mind at this stage it doesnt hurt to get some blood tests ordered by your gp to monitor your cycle - I had my hormone levels monitored during my cycle and unbeknowns to me I was actually pregnant!!!
    Regular cycles are a good sign but if you get onto a site like fertility friend and start charting your cycle it really does help - i actually ovualted later than what i thought i did even though my cycles were around 27 days - so for a few months i was missing the best days to conceive without even knowing it.
    All the best and taking posiitve steps and being proactive reduces the stress of "why not this month" (well in my humble opinion it helped me)

    pollyanna that is so very lovely - CONGRATUALTIONS - I am due in November too !!

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