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    Default Ebay HPTs

    Just wondering what everyone thoughts are on these ebay tests if you have used them??

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    I don't think they are great. I have had a faint line numerous times on them and I am not pg!!!! But some people are happy with them and they are cheap!!!!

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I have used them and would not recommend them. For me they came up negative but I WAS pregnant!I actually tried a different hpt with the same urine and it was a strong positive!

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    Lilly-lace Guest


    I broght them because they are cheap and you can use them whenever you like, as many times a day that you like without feeling guilty. Mine were costing between 20cents and 1.00 online, so I sometimes used two a day from 8 DPO onwards. And thought "so what".

    They worked for me too. I got my current positive at 10 DPO. It was feint but there, and it got darker over the next few days.

    They do tend to show "evaporation lines" a lot, however these are grey not pink and once you work out what these look like... the positive pink line (even if feint) is obviously different. I mean if worst comes to worst you can always wait a day and buy a chemist test for $10 when you think you see a pink line. This will still save you money.

    I loved the ebay ones. It freed me up to test, test, test... without guilt. Which although I know does not suit everyone, really worked for me.

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    They worked for me but some people they don't.

    I wouldn't recommend them as it leaves you to ponder what if?? Of am i???

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