thread: ebay OPK and HPK which is good?

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    ebay OPK and HPK which is good?

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have recommendations for any good OPK and HPK i can get off ebay? and which i should avoid?

    Buying the POAS from the supermarket is starting to become very expensive.

    Any advice would be great


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    Look for the Oracle Fertility ones .. I went through heaps on ebay and I found they were the best, and they also had the widest test area .. Although I never tested positive on their OPK's .. I tested the same urine with a diff brand at the same time and it was positive, so I guess they pick up a higher level? Good luck x

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    Jun 2010

    i bought 15 hpt's for like $3 a year or so ago, postage wasn't much. They aren't flash, prob about 3mm wide and 10cm long. You put your pee in a little container and put the stick in for 5secs and remove. I tested on day one of my missed period and got a positive. Have used them heaps lately and although they were all neg the control line still worked. Sorry i don't know the brand but i think they are all the same (the cheap ones that is). they only give you one set of instructions tho. gl

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    ebay OPK and HPK which is good?

    I used those but the positive wasn't as dark it was a light line