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    Hi girls,

    I have not been using OPKs through this cycle (as DH is away) but going by my last three cycles I am due to ovulate today or tomorrow, so I have done an OPK to see what it reckons, but it is negative. I know I have o'd during the last three cycles (have had a clear and sustained thermal shift), but I never seem to get a positive on an Ebay OPK - has this happened to anyone else. Is this bad - does it mean that I am not really ovulating? Can you get a clear and sustained thermal shift without ovulating?

    Thanks so much in advance.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    HI Luscious

    I also never got an absolute positive on a ebay opk.I always got a faint second line when I used them.I just started BD'ing from when I saw the faint second line as I knew O was not far away.These tests are cheapies from ebay and I don't know of anyone who has gotten a postive!Stay away from the pregnancy strips too, I used these and I got negatives when I was actually pregnant!IF your seeing a faint second line(detecting a LH surge)I'd say chances are you are about to ovulate or just have.

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    I also bought OPK's off e-bay. Been using for 2 cycles yet never seem to get a +ve. I know I've O'd because of the pain and I get my period exactly 14 days later. Was wondering if maybe it was me but if others having trouble prolly be the tests.

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    Hey girls, i know plenty of people who have had +IVE ebay opks.

    The trick is to take at the same time each day....not in the morning and not late at night.

    as soon as u see the faint line, u need to then start testing 3 times a day to catch the surge.

    it may only be totally postive for a couple of hours.

    try this and hope it works for u all

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