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Thread: Evaps with LC Midstream

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    Default Evaps with LC Midstream

    HI ladies,

    I am just wondering if anyone has experienced evaps or faint lines with the Lullaby Conceptions midstream test. I did one this morning and it has the faintest line (very hard to see through the plastic window, but when you take the test apart it is clearly there) and it looks to be the palest pink, not grey. I'm just not convinced that the line is real and not an evap line.I'm 13dpo and usually AF would have announced her immediate arrival, but so far nothing.

    Anyone have experience with these tests?

    Thanks in advance.

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    How long after the doing the test did you notice the evap line??? If you saw the line straight away then its +ve but if it was after the set time to check say 10mins i think most are then maybe it is a evap line.. Fingers crossed....

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    From everything Ive read I havnt heard any negative information about LC in terms of havings evap lines.

    As Jane has said if it was within the time frame suggested I think you have some great news. Do another test with FMU and see what happen.

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    Thanks ladies for your replies.

    When I noticed the line form yesterday I think it was about 15 mins after I tested. I did another one this morning with FMU and it's faint but there, in three mins! i als got a barely there but pink line within three mins on a FRER. I am really nervous at the moment as I had a m/c in October, so I can't quite get excited yet.

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    congrats Scarlett a line is a line.. Im sorry about your miscarriage i had one in Dec.. All the best..

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    sounds like good news!! congratulations!!!!

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    Scarlet, I had the same faint line with the LC hpt - I also went and bought a cyrstal blue test from the chemist and it had a darker line on it - just for reassurance.

    Sounds like its congratulations sweety!

    Feel free to join the gals in the PAML thread, as we have all had losses and know you feel right now and will be there to hold your hand through the coming weeks and months,

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    Hi Lisa,

    I did a test the other week on the latest batch of midstreams (i test each batch when they arrive) and left it for 3 days. And even after 3 days there was still no evap line ). Having said that, if the line is appearing within 3 mins and is pink in colour (not grey) and you are not taking any medications containing HCG then it sound like its a ++++

    I'm sorry to hear about you last miscarriage, I'M SENDING YOU TONS AND TONS (TRUCKLOADS) OF STICKY VIBES!!!

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    I konw it's been a while, I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind replies. It did turn into a BFP, but I had another m/c shortly after.

    Jodie, thanks for your input. I must say I did not notice an evap when I used the test in a previous cycle. Your service is always extremely fast and I appreciate that.

    I am off to the FS next week, so wish me luck and I will definitely check out the PAML forum when i get my next BFP (thank you Lisa).

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    Hi Scarlet,

    I just saw your post - Thank you

    i'm so sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. i hope the FS will be able to work out why you are having recurrent miscarriages. Have they checked your progesterone levels??


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