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    snowflake Guest

    EW & OPK..

    Hi, after charting with FF for about 6 months, I started doing my head in with what appears to be fairly consistant anovulatory cycles. I am waiting to see specialist to get the once over etc [-o<

    Today I noticed (1st time in ages) EWCM..(!) I dashed home and upstairs to dig out the last OPK..which read, well the instructions on the box say negative, but I like to think two lines mean positive!

    I had a slightly darker control line which I understand means day before or day after peak - it isn't too late is it? Up until this month I was taking temps every day and looking for every little sign. I didn't want to start to obsess with every little detail, so this month we put our hands in air "what will be will be" (at least until after any facts from the specialist..) :doc:
    Having said that, I started to miss the odd day on the temp chart (which again I realise would not help at spec) so cannot determine if I have missed the boat! Today's patch of EWCM is the beginning right?

    Whilst I realise no-one can tell me what my body is doing - any thoughts would be greatly appreciated..

    Plus, I need to keep occupied (& a little sane waiting for the other half of this duo to get home!)

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    Apr 2005

    Oooh for you snowflake. I really hope this is the beginning of ovulatory cycles for you.

    I don't know much about OPK, so sorry, can't help you much there.

    I would suggest, though, taking all your temping data to the specialist when your appointment time comes up.

    And take advantage of the EWCM - jump your DH the minute he walks in the door lol.

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    Jan 2005
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    Hi Snowflake :smt039 I too am confused with OPK's. I've had some pretty major EWCM and tummy pains and been -ve. I was so convinced once time that I did another test much later in the day at 8pm and it was +ve. Maybe you could try testing a little later too.
    I hope you jump DH when he gets in and have fun!

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    May 2004

    Snowflake, by he sounds of it you are about to O. I never got a "real" positive OPK, but as soon as I saw a line whether faint or slightly darker I would start bding. If I was you I would get some more opks and re test tomorrow and see what it says, but go get your man and "go for it."

    Good luck I hope you catch that egg this month.

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    Sep 2004

    Yeah, Im the same as Kazz. The line was never ever darker than the control - so I considered two lines to be positive.... hope you been getting busy!

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    snowflake Guest

    Thanks for the input, how great!
    Well, definately did not take any chances and covered all bases just in case..iykwim!
    I did another OPK (different brand) late yesterday and it also came up a faint line. My temp was 36.6 which for me, is on the higher end of the scale.
    We're both pretty rapt that even if it isn't "the" month, the whole possibility that I am ovulating naturally feels like a mini breakthrough.

    Hopefully the specialist this week will begin to deliver some clarity [-o<

    Every day that passes, (and not even been trying for ever like some) I realise what a gift this truly is. Such a delicate little process isn't it?