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Thread: Faint line on OPK - is O on the way?

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    Default Faint line on OPK - is O on the way?

    The OPK I used says a faint line is a negative. It's a Confirm OPK.

    I got a very faint line - does that mean that O may not be imminent, but is on the way?

    Or do you get faint lines randomly?

    I have never used an OPK before (they are on special in Franklins btw, only $9 a box of 5 + hpt).

    I have no idea when I am going to O - am 13 days post D & C.

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    Default hard to say

    Hi there,

    I think it's hard to say with different brands of opk's.
    I do get a 1-2 day fade in with LC OPK's but not with fortel brand opk's. I haven't used confirm before.

    I hope that helps.
    Good luck!


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    Sorry Sally J,
    I forgot to say. I do get a faint line through out my entire cycle with lullabyconception opk's. However with fortel, not even a trace of a second line until O day.
    So it can vary brand to brand.

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    SallyJ - with Confirm, in my experience, a faint line shows that O is on it's way. When I used Confirm, I got about 4 days of gradually getting darker 2nd line before a positive was registered. So I reckon you could start BDing from tomorrow night, if today was your first faint line. So O may actually still be 3 or 4 days away (don't quote me on it as it might be different for you).

    With Fortel OPKs, i've noticed a difference - i seem to get a sudden positive (with no faint line lead-up), or only one day of a faint line.

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