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    Carys Guest

    Default Faint test line OPK

    How early before ovulation is it normal to have a faint test line. for no reason other than curiosity I used an opk this morning and i have a distinct test line, not as dark as control, but im only on day 5 of cycle.


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    Hi Careys,

    OPKs test for the LH in your system, you get a surge of LH which triggers ovulation. When you get the surge you will get a positive OPK. Apparently LH is in your system all the time but only surges before ovulation so that would explain why you get the positive OPK on CD5.

    I tried it by doing an OPK on CD25 and i got a positive too and i know for a fact that i had ovulated already.

    Hope this helps.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Carys

    Some people get faint second lines on the opk's for up to a week before they O and for a week after.Its just the LH surge starting and leaving.I personally only ever detected a LH surge just before O(6-24 hours) and then never got a faint second line after I O.

    My doc said to me to BD from day 9 of my cycle onwards, just so I catch the eggie!


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    Carys Guest


    Thanks girls, I was thinking it was way too early for ovulation, I've got six sticks left so will wait til perhaps CD 9 to start tesing again so I dont waste any more of them.

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    The feint test line should be taken as a negative as the line should be as dark as the control line for a positive result on an OPK.
    I normally get feint lines for 3 or 4 days before I ovulate and then straight after O, nothing at all comes up on the test.

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