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Thread: False + Fortel???? I'm seeing things

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    Default False + Fortel???? I'm seeing things

    Hi everyone,

    I had my ET last Thursday. I was a bit naughty this morning and did a pg test, 2 of them. With the first one, I saw a line straight away but it was very very faint. I used the first pee of the day. I did a 2nd one later on and it was negative.

    I was wondering if anyone has used the early fortel tests and they have had evape lines.? Do evape lines show up straight away?

    I know I shouldn't have tested but couldn't help myself. The 2ww wait is such a drag.

    Thanks anyone who can help.

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    It is my understanding that evap lines show up after the suggested time has passed. I'm praying that it is a BFP for you. How long until your bt?

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    Hi Nurse Dan,

    bt is on the 5/10. That's 2w past ET. I was wondering, shouldn't the 2w be up on the day of EPU? Which would be the 2/10? Sorry for all the ????????????'s. I'm just a bit anxious about the 2ww.

    Thanks Jo

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    Hi Jo,

    Fingers crossed!!

    When I had Tomas, I did a HPT 8 days post transfer (blastocyst FET ICSI, progesterone supplements) and got a line on Fortel Ultra. Having access to BT's at work I did on and beta was 21. I then did another HPT 2 days later (10dpt) and it was stronger, and beta wass 66. On the formal BT done by the clinic 2 days after than my beta was 104 and the HPT (of course I had to do one) was stronger still!

    So you just never know... but it is sounding goooD!!!

    Look forward to good news!

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    Thanks Gabby,

    I'm going to wait until Thursday to test agian. I'll post the result.

    Thanks Jo

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