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    em.. Guest

    Default False Positives

    just wondering those who have had false positives in the last few months
    which hpt did you use...


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    discover one step gave me a positive that came up, then vanished.

    pregnosis gave me a clear and sustained faint positive that could still be seen 4 days later.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I had a disappearing positive on the ebay brand ones.

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    Discover One Step - keep away from this test!! I had a strong positive show in 2 minutes and then vanish a few minutes later. I called the company and they said this test does this sometimes, it's negative. Save yourself the heartache of being excited for a few minutes & then having it taken away from you. (can you tell I am not a fan of this test LOL)

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    Yes that was very interesting, thanks for the link Shannon. When I called to advise the company of my expereince, they were so casual about it. They said we know, just treat as negative, goodbye. If you know a batch is faulty, take them off the market!!!

    I am sure this batch has caused unnecessary heartache for many women.

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