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Thread: Ferns 2hours after testing??!!

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    Default Ferns 2hours after testing??!!

    Hi there,

    I've been using Maybe Bay for nearly two weeks now. Yesterday I got a couple of tiny ferns for the first time. I tested again at 6am this morning and there wasn't any.

    I just looked again (for about the 5th time this morning) and they have nearly grown all over the screen!! This has happened before (I check it throughout the day!) It's almost like they grew in front of my eyes.

    Is it possible it took this long for them to appear? Has is happened to anyone else?

    Thank you!

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    Basically, when I used maybe baby, I used it 2 hours after food. I found using it early morning I had to much sleep mucous in my mouth and it didn't read any results.

    I have noticed that sometimes when I used it, a couple of hours later my results were just like yours. I don't know it happened but it did.

    Two weeks later, I got my BFP... hopes that helps.

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    To see the 'full ferning', I've found that you usually have to leave the scope until it's completely dry. This usually takes about an hour or so. If it's tacky, or touch dry, you only see a few ferns at the edges.

    If you used it first thing in the morning, what Tamara said is true, your saliva is thicker and therefore it takes ages to dry!


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