thread: Fertility microscope question

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    SmallNads Guest

    Fertility microscope question

    I'm using a Donna microscope at the moment. I was wondering, when the ferns appear does that mean 1. I HAVE ovulated or 2. I WILL ovulate. Or does partial ferns mean you're almost ovulating. If that's the case, how many days should there be between partial ferns and full ferns.


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    *TamaraP* Guest

    I have never used one of those things but I did some research.

    I think when you have a partial fern it means there is a low what ever that thing is LH??? 8-[ :-s

    When it is a full fern it means that you are going to ovulate in the net 18-36hours...I think

    Please don't quote me on that because I could be wrong...some of the girls in here a really good at these things.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    OK chicky, am reading this straight from my Maybe Baby pamphlet.

    This info is for a 28 day cycle ok.

    You should see partial ferns from days 10-13. The fern leaf pattern should begin to appear 3-4 days before ovulation until 2-3 days after ovulation.

    Maybe baby does not predict actual ovulation, only the fertile period of your cycle. (This is my opinion from what I have read).

    The only way to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation is to chart your temperature using fertility Friend etc.

    Hope this helps.