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Thread: First time testing all negative

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    I have used an OPK for the first time and I am confused. My cycle is normally 28 days. The first day of my AF was 18 January so today is day 21.

    I did the first check on day 13 and got negative (1 line in C), then I tested each day with the rest of the tests in the pack and got negative.

    DOes this mean that I ovulated earlier or that I did not ovulate?

    I thought that women ovulated every cycle?

    On day 19 my brearsts started getting sore as well as feelings of my AF coming on and bloating, wind which are my usual AF symptoms, altough I am getting dizzy spells and heart palpitations this time as well.

    I did detect stretcy patches yesterday - day 20 though the O test was negative. But my CM has been white and creamy this whole cycle.

    Not sure what is going on.

    Would like to know if anyone could suggest why the tests came up negative.

    Thank you.

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    im not sure why they came up negative but i NEVER got a positive line when using OPK so i stopped using them and just went by temps and CM.

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    I ovulate somewhere between CD8 and CD 12 so you might be an early ovulater like me which is great because your luteal phase will be quite long (gives that little fertilised eggy more of a chance to cling on).

    I also only ovulate every second month because of a cyst which ruptured when I was 17 taking most of the ovary with it. Needless to say, only my good ovary ovulates.

    You might like to try testing earlier next month (assuming you dont get a BFP this month) ......!

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