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Thread: Full or partial ferning?

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    Question Full or partial ferning?

    Hello again ladies...

    I'm back on another tww - I only chat here in tww, I'm usually so depressed after af that I don't want to talk to anyone
    I'm not sure if I'm 8 or 9 dpo, no O pains this month, and I took a month off temping because watching my post O temps go all over the place was too stressful and I just plain forgot to temp in the mornings, leading up to O - figured I'd feel O...

    Anyways, I'm tracking my ferning patterns throughout my tww to see if there's a change from month to month, and I have a question. Todays scope has full ferning allllll around the outside, but right in the middle there's nothing - Huh?!

    What do I mark this as? About half the scope is fully ferned - such a beautiful pattern, then it looks like the ferns break away and then there's nothing, zippo, nada!


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    Maybe it's full ferning and the middle is just a spot where the saliva didn't go???

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    Bec, I have had the same thing. Just this last cycle I had a couple of days where either half the scope was ferns and the other half nothing, or ferns round the edge and nothing in the middle! And I double-checked, there was a good layer of saliva all over the 'scope. Very strange indeed! Sorry I can't help explain it, but at least you're not the only one!

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