thread: Has anyone used Maybe Baby for Subsequent ttc's?

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    May 2007

    Question Has anyone used Maybe Baby for Subsequent ttc's?

    DD is almost 6 months and DH and I would love to try for another bub, we wanted them close together and would have loved to be Pregnant by now.

    About 2 months postpartum i played with my maybe baby as i was feeling off and tired, sick etc etc and i got ferning and 3 faint +ve HPT's. Went to the dr's and did bloods and everything is fine and -ve for pregnancy. SO i gave up testing as i figured it was too soon after having a baby and my hormones are all over the place.

    Now for the past week or so i have used Maybe baby and gotten pebbles except this morning i had half pebble s and half definate ferning!

    I have not had AF post partum and am still Bf'ing 5 times a day so i dont need an education lesson on Bfing and ovulation (thanks anyhow ...i already know the odds ...

    HOwever i am wondering if it could be true ferning as i havent had ferns show up for quite a while now and if anyone else had troubles working maybe baby out on subsequent ttc's?

    *so you know i used Maybe Baby with DD and it pin pointed perfectly and we fell pregnant in the first month of maybe baby use so i do like this method.

    thanks in advance and merry xmas!!!!

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    Mar 2007

    I used the microscope when ttc, and to be honest for the foremost it was accurate.

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    May 2007

    THanks gorgette!

    I had period like pain this morning ... so that is confusing.
    But then i checked MB and it was full ferning today again!

    So i wonder what is going on?

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