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thread: HELP.... how reliable is Pregnosis early detection?????

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    Nov 2006
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    oh hun big hugs

    i really dont know what to say, i am sure the thought of another would only leave you longing for another

    a rock and a hard place huh?

    GL with whatever you guys decide

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    PB - coming from someone who's been there. It is a super hard and horrible decidion to make and from the feedback I've had for others it is a feeling that you don't get over easy. I still pine for another baby desperately... but having said that it is also nice to be moving onto that next phase of life of having older kids and the freedoms it gives hubby and I. All the best for your decision

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    It definitely is hard, and the longing doesn't completely go away. It does ease though. I think that right now, when you thought you might have been pg again, it is the hardest. Give yourself some time hun. You'll figure out what to do

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    PB - best of luck with the decision making process it must be difficult for you.

    Nae x x

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    Well AF has returned, and it aint pleasent!!
    Thanks ladies....

    I'd be lost without you all.....

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    I hope it doesn't last too long for you then hun

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