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    Hi ladies. I need some advice. I started taking metformin due to PCOS. I started taking it on 6th december. I had a period from 22nd december to the 25th december. I haent felt myself ovulate in over 3 years but this week i feel i am. So 7 days ago i started testing using an OPK. At first i had a faint line then another faint line then a line nearly as dark as the control line but not quite. The 3 days after this test gave me no line at all. So i assumed i ovulated around the time of this dark line. Is this sounding like it may be the big O????? Now though i have watery mucous again so im so so confused... Praying though that this month will be our month. Im on 750mg of metformin and am feeling great. The constant nausea is hell but other than that im all good. Also im thinking of upping the dose of my met to 1000mg. Is anyone out there on met and pregnant???? And if so have you continued the met throughout your pregnancy and till when and what dosage???

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    I'd say that you did Ovulate when you think you did.I myself have never been on metformin only clomid.There are plenty of ladies on BB that have been on it though.

    Goodluck with TTC............

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    hey Funmumma!!

    i'd agree with kirsty77 - i sympathise with you though - sometimes it's so hard to tell if we are o'ing

    you might want to check out the TTC buddies on metoformin/clomid- THose girls in there have a wealth of info!!!

    i'd insert the link but i dont know how!!!

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    K thanks will check out that link O

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    I have never been on Met so I am afraid I can't help you there.

    I would say your Oed. Hopefully you bd around then and caught the eggie.

    As for up-ing your dose, I would probably go to your dr and see what he/she suggests.

    Good luck and I hope we hear some good news from you soon.

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