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Thread: help with testing with opk's

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    Default help with testing with opk's


    just brought some fortel opk's today and i can't wait to use them lol.

    i am on cd7 so i have a few days to go, anyway my question is what day do i start testing on??? there is a little brochure for a guide on showing your cycle days and when to start testing but my dilemma is my cycle has ranged usually from 26 to 30 days - usually 28 or 29 days.

    what do you think what day should i use as my cycle date.

    we gotta get it right this month - otherwise i will be over my magic cut off age (of 38) if we don't succeed.


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    Hey Michelle,

    I'd probably start around CD10 just to be sure you don't miss it. How many OPKs do you get in a pack? You may end up needing more if you O late but it's better to use a lot of them rather than miss O IMO!

    Good luck!

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