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Thread: High oestrogen levels?

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    Default High oestrogen levels?

    I seem to be full of questions lately but I'm finding this whole TTC thing pretty confusing! A little background, I've been off the BCP for 3 months (after being on it only 6 months) and had 2 normal af visits. The third came on time but lasted a bit over a day. I've been to the docs and had BTs which came back negative at what would have been about 18 DPO. I'm due to go back to the doc tomorrow for the full results but have been told about the BFN over the phone. Today, CD9 if I count my poor attempt at AF as day 1, I got out the trusty microscope (using the maybe baby principles) and got full ferning. Not just a little, as my DH described "that ferning's gone crazy"! Given that I have about 26-28 day cycle this is way too early and I normally O about day 13 (we've been using the microscope for a couple of cycles now). So reading the FAQ's on the Maybe Baby site suggests that having high oestrogen levels can create ferning at odd times, maybe that's my problem? There's part of me that just wants to believe that it's all due to a BFP that is currently not being picked up but realistically I guess there must be another answer. Oh, since AF I've also still been getting mild cramping and have been really tired and having infrequent waves of nausea (nothing too bad though).

    Has anyone else had this trouble or anything similar? Anyone heard of anything like this before? If I have got high oestrogen levels what could cause it and how can I fix it!?!?!?!? I'll be asking my GP about it tomorrow but I also have found that I get more info from here than the GPs! Right now I don't care what it is, I just want it fixed and sorted so we can get onto our BFP!!!

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    I have had oestrogen dominance after giving birth to DD. This meant I had high levels or oestrogen relative to progesterone. If your GP won't look at your hormone levels I know a doc in Brisbane who is open to looking hormone issues and treating them with natural remedies. Too much eostrogen can inhibit progesterone production and ovulation. I started vitex and b6 last cycle and I also use natural progesterone cream (dr put me on this last may) and my temps seemed to stabilise and I got my BFP. Vitex usually takes 3 months to work properly. Let me know how you go.

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